Peter Verhoeven | June 2019

Had a fantastic excursion with a great crew. Service level was top, staff super friendly and enthusiastic and engaged. Enjoyed the great snorkelling experience, the swimming and the lovely food. And a couple of drinks ha! Exceeded my expectations by far. Thanks!

Tyler Johnson | June 2019

Francisco and Eddie were nothing short of amazing. They stopped at random places to show us fish that we didn’t see in the regular snorkel time. Would definitely recommend this excursion to anybody coming here. No complaints

Michael Morse | July 2019

Our experience was incredible! We went for a brief snorkel right off the shore and then were treated to a once in a lifetime experience at a private beach where we were served on hand and foot. Could not have been happier with our experience with our captain, Luis and our deckhand Marciano. The experience was completely safe and enjoyable!!

Krystiin S | September 2019

Beyond perfect Luis And Jorge were the most fun and professional staff. Please please please go with this company they were AMAZING. I had so much fun and the entire time you could tell not only did they enjoy helping us but they were enjoying themselves as well.

Mike Lopez | September 2019

Jorge and Luis were awesome. I had so much fun. It was perfect. Please do not overlook this catamaran and crew. We were upgraded to a private catamaran for free and it was beyond perfect. I can not imagine a better crew or time spent.

Joseph Canales | October 2019

Awesome family package, we had a great time. Snorkeling was awesome, we saw a lot of exotic fish and even a turtle. My daughter still talks about this trip, I would definitely recommend doing this tour.

Le Family | August 2019

Lilly, Andy, Eddy, Jorge, and Chef Franklin Luis the best family trip ever….a must-do!!! Even though it a little short at the natural pool but the crew are absolutely wonderful and fun to hang out with!!!

Kourtney Y | August 2019

We enjoyed our trip! The crew were great! We will definitely be back to visit! Let, Luis, George were helpful and a lot of fun!

Luke A | August 2019

Overall, the trip was a great time with family. Luis and Franklin were awesome guides. They do their best to make the most out of the trip they take you on. Fishing was a good ride along the shore. The snorkelling reef was okay but not phenomenal. However, the staff did everything they could to make sure you had fun. Originally, we were taken to a very busy reef and we asked to go somewhere more secluded. Luis and Franklin took the boat about 20 minutes out to a separate reef where no one else was at. We saw many fish, which was excellent and Luis should us around the reef, but many of the parts of the reef were did which was a shame. Afterwards, we were given fresh coconut on a beach shore and then went to a natural pool to listen to music and hang out. Going into the trip we were skeptical, but afterwards we were very happy that we went. The staff did a great job of making sure their guests enjoy themselves. I would say the trip is one of the best you can do in Punta Cana. Thank you to all.

Tom Homminga | October 2019

Best day ever. I came in the most relaxed vibe ever when I arrived. We just sat there on the boat seeing the beautiful sea and white beaches. After some time, it was time to jump into the ocean. I loved it